About Tinnitus…..

I’ve Been Hearing Tinnitus For A Number of Years….

Dan MortonSince my early 30’s, I’ve had a buzzing, whistling, screeching sound in my ears that I’ve never really been able to get rid of. Yes, I’m hearing tinnitus! I’m also slowly losing my hearing.

My Father’s Ears

My first real inkling came in about 1996 when I was working as an engineer at a local manufacturing plant. Since the place was noisy, the company thoughtfully provided everyone with hearing protection. They also brought in an audiologist on a regular basis to test everyone’s hearing. Just for the record, I did use my protection 100%.

After my test the audiologist asked me if my father had significant hearing loss. I said yes as my dad had been nearly deaf for years. He then told me I tested positive for a genetic hearing loss pattern and that I’d soon be having some real hearing problems of my own. He was right! It was right about this time I started really noticing the tinnitus sounds. I was already familiar with tinnitus because of my dad, but now I was losing my hearing. Oh, sure – sometimes the sounds quiet down for a while (or so it seems), and I don’t have near the problem getting to sleep that I used to have . I’ve learned some techniques that make it much easier to live with my hearing problems.

I’ve Tried Lots Of Tinnitus Relief

Through years of research, testing and trying different ideas, herbal remedies and techniques, vitamins and nutrition, I have learned how to live a good life with my hearing loss, even though the extra sounds are almost always there. As I write this I can hear the constant screeching, more in my right ear. than my left. Plus, my right ear is, for all intents and purposes, pretty useless in everyday conversation. I have to make sure I aim my left ear at a conversation so I can hear what’s being said. What ultimately has worked for me? Getting enough sleep, more fruits and veggies in my diet (and, just plain LESS food altogether) and regular, vigorous exercise.

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I also try to make sure I use decongestants (sudafed) when I have a cold as the excess swelling and drainage always seems to attack my ears with a vengeance. Click the following link for some great home remedies for relief from all the sounds in your ears.

No Medical Treatments Available

Unfortunately, what works for me won’t necessarily work for another  You see, there is a physical and an emotional aspect to our hearing problems. Mostly, the physical part is very small compared to the emotional component. Furthermore, most medical doctors cannot find a single physical cause with most tinnitus sufferers!  No identifiable cause, treatments are limited!  It’s this lack of a clearly identifiable cause that makes our problem so difficult to treat. And, that’s why there are such a wide range of treatments – what works for one person doesn’t necessarily provide relief for another.

If you need more help with your ear noises than I have here, read these great book reviews. I encourage all visitors to read as much as possible on this subject, in order to get a better understanding of what will work to alleviate their ear noises. Please beware of anyone who touts a “cure”  – unless a physical cause can be found and treated, there is no cure for tinnitus. Is there relief from the noises? You bet – don’t ever give up hope. Dan



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