What do you do when there aren’t many medical options available to relieve your tinnitus? There are a few drugs you can take, such as Tocainid, Carbamazepin or Gabapentin. But there’s no history that these drugs offer long-term relief from those noises in your ears. Again, there is no scientific evidence that antidepressants, Transcranial, magnetic stimulation or the Retraining-Therapy have positive effects either.

Learn About Home Remedies For Tinnitus
Even though modern medicine may not be able to do much for your tinnitus,  home remedies have begun to emerge as leading treatments for the symptoms of tinnitus – whooshing, whistling, roaring noises that come from inside the ear. I’m not talking about vitamin pills masquerading as tinnitus cures or other forms of quackery – I believe that although, there is no cure for tinnitus, there are definitely methods to turn your tinnitus into something a little more bearable, and perhaps, not so much torture as in the past.

Here are a couple of home remedies that I read about the other day. Though all tinnitus home remedies may not work equally as well for all people, I believe that most people will be able to get some relief with  at least one home remedy. Here’s  a couple of the most interesting tinnitus home remedies;

  • Natural herbs and spices. Although the herb ginkgo-biloba is probably one of the most over-used and over-hyped therapies for ailments ranging from baldness to sexual performance help, some non-scientific studies have shown that, when the tinnitus suffer believes that the ginkgo-biloba will help his symptoms, the symptoms often diminish very noticeably! Another example of the power of suggestion! And don’t forget, in addition to ginkgo-biloba, some pill-artists claim that their concoction of chelated zinc and deodorized garlic, when taken over a 3-4 month period (at a cost of almost $175!) will make a difference to tinnitus sufferers. Tinnitus home remedies come in all shapes and sizes – and prices! Here’s a money-saving tip. If you find  natural herbs and spices help your tinnitus, shop around.  Bulk and larger, mix-your-own prices for your favorite concoction should be MUCH cheaper that some of the pre-mixed, boutique stores – internet and otherwise.
  • Shazam – this next home remedy for tinnitus is a hum-dinger. Vacha (Acorus calamus) oil can have a powerful effect in calming and balancing the Prana Vata (functions in the head-neck-chest region). which can cause tinnitus. A sesame oil in which the calamus root is boiled and can be administered in the nose, five drops per nostril, at night and in the morning. The sesame oil mixture (nasya) should be warmed to body temperature before application. I think this one has a far less exotic and practical treatment – as a child with an ear infection, my mother used to warm mineral oil to body temperature and, using an eye dropper, she would fill the afflicted  ear with the warm oil for 15 – 20 minutes. This may not have cured the ear ache, but it sure felt good – as the “nasya” might feel! Why not try this home remedy tonight – a bottle of mineral oil may cost $2.50 – if it doesn’t relieve the tinnitus, mineral oil makes for a great laxative!

Of course, please take the above ideas with a grain of salt, as there is absolutely no scientific proof that either suggestion offers any benefit for tinnitus sufferers. In fact, there may be more harm than good if the herbs are used to excess – there is certainly evidence that ginkgo-biloba can be toxic in high doses. But, when considering tinnitus home remedies, always remember that if you THINK it may work for you, then it just may provide some relief Home remedies may be worth a try.

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