Here’s an exciting video about drugs that can cause tinnitus.

I think that by now we do have positive proof that tinnitus can be caused by (and made worse by) many common prescription and over-the-counter drugs, known by the term ototoxic drugs.

This video is about a scientific study that shows the connection between these drugs and the damage in our ears that cause tinnitus.

Please take a few moments to watch this interesting video – and please let me know what you think!

So, if you do have tinnitus but have to take one or more of these drugs, what are you to do?

Do you just give up and give in to the notion that you have to live with your tinnitus?

Not necessarily! You can act proactively and treat your tinnitus – naturally, without drugs. One way to treat your tinnitus is through tinnitus sound therapy.

Tinnitus sound therapy is a natural and unobtrusive way to treat your tinnitus that actually has a pretty good response from tinnitus sufferess.

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