I know from experience that little things can make my tinnitus worse.

Or make it better. At least for a while.

Loud noise, for sure, can make my head sing like a screeching radio. I’ve gotten pretty good about protecting my ears from noises. Ear protection for lawn mowing and weed whacking. Foam ear plugs for hockey games where the noises seem so loud they all melt into one distorted howl.

Cold drinks – like a Slurpee from 7-Eleven can make the noises seem so much quieter. Why this happens – I don’t know. It happened last night, on a ride through the city. But, I sure did appreciate the quiet – for a while. As I write this, the morning after, the whistling noises (especially in my right ear) have returned – full strength.

If I’ve had a bad night’s sleep (or no sleep at all) I know the noises will be worse. All day. In the morning, after a good, sound night’s sleep, I can’t remember hearing them at all. Like today – I think the noises have returned.

Sports and exercise can make me forget about the noises for a while. If I do at least 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical trainer or treadmill, then 20 or so minutes of weight lifting, The noises just don’t seem to be around!

So can a good meal. A nice steak, of all-you-can-eat fish-n-chips can dilute the sounds in my head for hours, or so it seems. Perhaps food takes my mind off the subject? You know, tinnitus can be so transient – on, then off – that sometimes I’m never sure what exactly triggers it.

If I’m watching TV late at night – after everyone’s gone to bed and the volume turned way down – all I remember hearing is the show I’m watching. No other noises – that I can remember. But, they always return.

My question to you is – What makes your tinnitus better -or worse? Are there times when you can’t remember hearing those noises? Something you did that made the noises stop? Or get worse! Would you please post your story at the bottom of this page?

You don’t have to leave an email address – or even your real name. But, partly for purely selfish reasons, partly to help others, I would really enjoy hearing your story.

What’s in it for you? At this point – nothing, except maybe someone else can get some relief from what’s worked for you.

Thanks in advance for your words, as they mean so much to me.


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