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Now, You Can Get The Facts About Your Tinnitus…Tinnitus Remedies

You can right-click (or do the Mac equivalent) on  the text link just below here and then choose “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” or just click and the report will load. Then you can save to your hard drive.

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The report will automatically save to your desktop if you have your downloads set to do that. Or you may be asked to choose where you want to put it on your computer. If you forget exactly where you put it, you can always download it again.

To Read the Report
The report is in a PDF (Adobe)  file format. This requires software. Mostly people use the free Adobe Reader, which you probably already have on your computer. If you don’t have Adobe, click here to get it for free. Adobe

Just double click on the filename above, and if you have Adobe, the report will open.

Sharing my Ebook
If you want to send the report to friends or give out the address of this page , you are welcome to. Most ebook authors — even for free reports and ebooks — really don’t want folks bypassing their subscription process. But I would rather anyone who really needs to read this report get access to it immediately – even if I don’t have their contact information.

But if people get the report by your forwarding it, they won’t be getting the updates, which can contain very valuable information as things can change so rapidly nowadays – especially in the medical world. So, as a service to any readers you forward this report to, please tell them about sending me an email at

Thanks again for making me and a part of your life.

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