sound_therapyThis sounds positively absurd – add noise to your life so your tinnitus quiets down!

But – it works!

Actually, there is scientific proof behind the concept. If other sounds are received by the ear with tinnitus, then the brain will not generate the ringing noises. And, white noise has been recognized as soothing and gentle – it’s used to help newborns sleep as they’re used to hearing the mother’s sounds but are now comforted by white noise generators with great success.

I don’t know about your tinnitus, but when I’m in a real quiet room  (laying in bed trying to get to sleep), the noises I hear can be positively deafening! Usually, I’m able to tune them out, but not always. Sometimes I just give up and go downstairs to lie in front of the tv until I get REAL sleepy – then I head off to bed and go right to sleep.

The other night, I tried a little white noise from a  Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System.

I have to say, the results really stunned me. I went right to sleep – and I didn’t think I was sleepy enough to fall right away! I plain didn’t notice the tinnitus – at all!

I just used the sound card that came with it (Ocean Surf, Stream, Rain, White Noise, Summer Night and Wind) , turned the volume down low and off I went!

They’re just $49 at Amazon – you can pay with credit card and it’ll get to you within a week.I highly recommend if you’re having problems getting to sleep.

I never really had much luck with the herbal and homeopathic remedies – although some literally SWEAR by their homeopathic products! It’s just that I could nevert notice the difference.

But the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System has really helped.

Just CLICK HERE and you’ll be directed to the right page at Amazon.


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