Do you have tinnitus tinnitus?

    Tinnitus is an unexplained screeching whooshing ringing noise in your ears that never really seems to go away. If you think you have tinnitus you may want to read on.

    Did you know there are two types of tinnitus? The first type which is medically treatable, that means medically curable and the second type is not medically curable, although it’s more common than the first and you can treat the symptoms but you can’t actually cure it.

    what causes tinnitus? well there are a bunch of factors that people think cause tinnitus but there is often one major event or one major cause that most
    people report that seemed to bring their tinnitus on.

    What can you do for your tinnitus?

    Well the first thing you do is you see your family doctor just to make sure that it’s not the first variety (treatable) and if it is he or she can treat it and cure it and you’re good. But if it’s the second type then you move on to treating the symptoms as best you can.

    Now there are some heavy-duty drugs that you can take that it can be prescribed by your physician to treat the symptoms of tinnitus although a lot of people don’t want to be dependent on drugs for this. They’d like to treat it in a little more natural way.

    There’s a lot of information out there as far as nutrition and nutritional substitutes that help to treat the tinnitus now those are only effective if you have a nutritional deficit in your diet so usually they don’t work unless you’ve got some real medical problems to start with.

    I can tell you six different techniques or six different ways that you can relieve your tinnitus and some of those ways that worked for me.  I’ve had tinnitus for probably 20 years and I’ve learned a few techniques that have made it easier to live with not cured not gone away but easier to live with. Now tinnitus is definitely treatable so you need to make sure that you get some information get some knowledge and get going and get some help for your tinnitus

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    Dan Morton

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