Tinnitus – You’re The Cure!

There is no medical cure for most cases of Tinnitus, which makes it difficult to make the right decision when choosing a therapy. Learning to accept Tinnitus as a part of life is a ... Continue Reading →

I’d Really Like To Know….

I know from experience that little things can make my tinnitus worse. Or make it better. At least for a while. Loud noise, for sure, can make my head sing like a screeching radio. I’ve ... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Tinnitus?

Tinnitus Video I’ve put together a short video about tinnitus – please take a look! If you’re seeing this message through RSS – here’s the link: Also, ... Continue Reading →

Tinnitus Home Remedies

What do you do when there aren’t many medical options available to relieve your tinnitus? There are a few drugs you can take, such as Tocainid, Carbamazepin or Gabapentin. But ... Continue Reading →
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Prevent Tinnitus From Getting Worse

You’ve seen your doctor about the whistling, ringing noises in your ears.  The noises come and go – you can hear them “best” in a quiet place. They seem to ... Continue Reading →
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Tinnitus Facts

Tinnitus Facts Tinnitus is Latin for  “ringing,”  (pronounced “tin-eye-tus”), the perception of sound  in  the ear, this sound not being generated by an ... Continue Reading →